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Land drainage

Let Land & Forest Ltd deal with your land drainage and give yourself the best chance of a better crop yield. Based in Cardiff, we work with farmers across Bridgend, Brecon and Chepstow.

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Don't let a downpour spoil soil structure

Keep erosion under control

When water sits for too long, it can start to erode the soil, making it much more difficult for your crops to establish themselves. Let Land & Forest deal with your land drainage. We can manage the entire project, helping you to maintain good soil structure, which is essential for root development.

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The benefits of land drainage

  • Aerates the soil

  • Encourages 'good' soil micro-organisms

  • Means that early planting is possible

  • Root growth doesn't get stopped by excess water

  • Increases profitability of the land

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Don't let a land drainage issue affect your farmland

Contact Land & Forestry in Cardiff on

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