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Tree shear hire

At Land & Forestry Ltd, our tree shear hire service can save you time and money. Need an operator? Not a problem. Based in Cardiff, we cover Bridgend, Brecon and Chepstow. Get in touch to find out more.

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Take down timber quickly and safely

Why are shears so much better?

Trying to fell timber manually involves working at height. That means specialist training, specialist equipment and increased costs. Our tree shear hire comes with the option of an operator, so you can deal with diseased or dying trees safely. Contact our team in Cardiff and we'll help you with your woodland.

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Tree cleaning tools

At Land & Forestry Ltd, we provide tree cutting and clearance services to clients across Bridgend, Chepstow and Brecon. Plant hire is a huge part of our business and our machines have a capacity of up to 21 tonnes. Domestic or commercial, our team are available throughout the week to help with your project.

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Can't see the wood for the trees?

Speak to Land & Forestry in Cardiff about tree shear hire on

07971 960573

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